Opportunistic Encryption [Was: Keys not trusted]

tk tony.kwok@3web.net
Tue May 13 18:07:02 2003

Yenot wrote:
>>IMO making the usage of unverified keys too easy (i.e. the user
>>just has to click away a warning) will result in a weakening and a
>>slower growth of the web of trust.
> Web-of-trust solutions can work within companies and various
> communities, but the web of trust based on public keyservers will
> never become a universal solution.  We should support web-of-trust
> solutions (i.e. use OpenPGP), but we shouldn't ban opportunistic
> encryption in order to force the growth of the Web-of-Trust.


Valid arguments, excellent post! The value of privacy was simply
not factored in when the WOT system was originally concieved. This
was (perhaps?) understandable at the time, but tempora mutantur
(et nos in illis).