Endianness issues with GPG

Johan Wevers johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl
Thu May 15 02:47:00 2003

JC wrote:

> Having checked out that the binary files produced
> by GPG-encrypting a file without ASCII armor in a
> little endian platform can be decrypted in a big
> endian one, without any other provisos (i.e. my
> assumption was wrong) I wonder if anyone could provide
> a rigorous justification for this?

That's simple: you have to store the file in a fixed format with a the
same endianness on all machines. The decryption then can take care of the
endianness when decrypting a textfile on a specific machine, since gnupg
knows the endianness on the machine it's running on. Textfiles can then be
converted to the same endianness as the target machine after decryption.

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