Using GnuPG on Windows/Linux

Eugene Smiley
Thu May 15 04:12:02 2003

Johan Wevers wrote:=20
> Johan Parin wrote:
>> want to use GnuPG on both systems. Of course I want to use the
>> same keyrings etc. This means things needs to be stored on a
>> Windows (FAT) partition.
> Unless you can find ext2/ext3/Reiser drivers for XP (I only have
> some ro ext2 drivers for 95/98, I don't know if they even exist
> for XP). Unfortunately the NTFS driver for Linux is still ro. :-(
> Why is locking impossible on FAT32?

FAT32 is basically an extended version of the old MS-DOS and as=20
such is designed under the premise that the PC is a single user
PC. Locking is/was limited and permissions are nonexistent.