Opportunistic Encryption [Was: Keys not trusted]

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder avbidder@fortytwo.ch
Thu May 15 08:45:02 2003

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On Wednesday 14 May 2003 15:36, Mark H. Wood wrote:
> On Tue, 13 May 2003, Jason Harris wrote:

> > The WoT doesn't cease to exist for "anonymous" keys.  In fact, it
> > becomes purer.  If you don't have a trust path to an "anonymous" key,
> > you can't even put any trust into it based on a name or email address
> > that you might be willing to trust.
> I need a little help here.  What, exactly, would an "anonymous" key
> *mean*?  To what would a document signed by such a key be bound, and why
> would I care?

One use is: somebody wants to be anonymous, but wants to publish some (hot)=
information. He signs it, so that when he ever needs to post a followup=20
(correction, additional info on this issue, or to counter some statement so=
other party has made about the info he's posted), he can sign *that* again.=
So, nobody can come and say 'I have published that document' since he=20
wouldn't be able to proof it by signing a challenge.

I don't see where this would tie into the WoT - presumably, nobody can sign=
that key, and the keyholder will not be interested in signing anybody's key=
when he wants to stay anonymous, but I think this is a good application of=
anonymous keys.

> (I'm always swimming against the current.  While it seems everyone else
> wants to become invisible, I've been wondering how to go about getting
> really high-quality identity documents, both paper and electronic.  I
> *want* to be well-known, *on my terms*.)

I think I can understand this feeling.=20

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