Trouble signing (was: Trouble exporting keys)

Manuel Samper
Fri May 16 01:16:03 2003

Neil Williams, on Thu, May 15 2003 at 23:58, wrote:
> I haven't revoked any keys, just started with a completely new one, generated 
> exactly as above. 4096 RSA, 1024 DSA and 2048 ElGamal.  (I added a photoid 
> for fun too but generating that 4096RSA took an age!!)

Try to generate a 4096 Elgamal one... in an offline, only one user, machine (so no much
activity to get entropy from).

> gpg -u f3c504d8 --detach --sign lug.sql
> gpg --verify lug.sql.sig
> gpg: Signature made Thu 15 May 2003 22:49:03 BST using DSA key ID F3C504D8
> gpg: Good signature from "Neil Williams <>"
> gpg:                 aka "[image of size 4569]"
This looks ugly.

Feature request: it's so hard to allow a name being attched to these
photoids? Or it's required this way by the standard?

> That works.
> But I couldn't get it to work for keysigning. 
> gpg -u f3c504d8! --sign-key a897fd02
> or
> gpg -u f3c504d8 --sign-key a897fd02
> Makes no odds:

You cannot sign keys with subkeys. See recent posts on the list.

Manuel Samper