[Q] How do I revoke my old key?

Daniel Carrera dcarrera@math.umd.edu
Fri May 16 17:53:03 2003

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Alright.  I have my cool, brand-new key-ring, and I have made a revocation=
certificate for my old key.

Now that I have the revocation certificate, how do I actually revoke it?
I guess I must send it to a key-server.  How do I do that?

Do I need to go over every key-server I sent my key to?  I'm not sure I=20
can remember them all.  Or is it enough to send the revocation to one HKP=
and one LDAP key server?

I have made backups of everything I had encrypted with my old key.  Is it=
safe to delete the key now?

Thanks for the help.
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