User attributes and audio IDs (was: Trouble signing)

Manuel Samper
Sat May 17 00:05:02 2003

David Shaw, on Fri, May 16 2003 at 20:24, wrote:
> On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 04:09:11PM +0200, Manuel Samper wrote:
> > Yes, something like:
> > 
> > $ gpg --list-key samper
> > pub  4096R/FFFD5DA0 2003-05-13 Manuel Samper
> > uid                            Manuel Samper <>
> > uid                            Manuel Samper [jpeg image of size 1234]
> > ...
> > 
> > That is, at the time of attaching a photo id (had never done it, not
> > sure what gpg ask) being asked for a real name like normal uids.
> Ah.  There are a few ways to do this, but probably the best way
> doesn't exist in the standard yet. ;)
> The "user attribute" sort of ID can actually contain more than just
> photos as it is a general storage medium for any sort of data.  There
> is no reason why it cannot also store a "text" attribute.  The catch,
> of course, is there is no text attribute defined in the standard yet.

I suspected something similar.

> I've been making a list of potentially useful attributes (images other
> than JPEG, audio clips ("Hello! My name is XXXX and my fingerprint is

Cool! But appart from this, I cannot see much more utility right now...

> XXXXXXXX"), and the like.  Perhaps it would be reasonable to add a
> text attribute to that as well for use when the other attributes were
> not usable (i.e. non-graphical display, no sound card, etc.)

hmmm... yes, it should be, thinking on visually/audio impaired people.
Also, you may want to put not only your portrait/voice, but some other
stuff like a image of your real (not digital) signature, or anything you
can imagine will be useful. And then a description of what you can
expect is a must.

> I'd be interested to hear comments about whether people would make
> good use of something like an audio ID or not.  It certainly has the
> potential to make keys very very large, though perhaps that is the
> problem and choice of the key holder.

If no aditional security is apported, then I prefer other enhancements
in gpg rather than some funny capabilities. But who knowns how useful
may become...

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