[Q] How do I revoke my old key?

Manuel Samper manuel@samper.dyndns.org
Sat May 17 00:17:01 2003

Todd, on Fri, May 16 2003 at 23:23, wrote:
> Daniel Carrera wrote:
> > How do I send the revocation certificate to a keyserver?

Import the certificate into your keyring, then send your (now revoked)
key to a keyserver:
$ gpg --import < revocation.asc
$ gpg --send-key KEYID

> Just like you'd send any key to the keyserver.  :)
> At the risk of badly mangling the terminology and details, a revoked key is
> just a regular public key with a special signature attached to it, more or
> less.

A direct key signature, of type 0x20?

Search for a "rev:..." line after importing the certificate, with the
following command:
$ gpg --list-sig --with-colons KEYID

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