User attributes and audio IDs (was: Trouble signing)

Daniel Carrera
Sat May 17 04:37:02 2003

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> Then again, it could be argued that photo ID is just a cool trick also. =
> Since you can't actually select a key via a photo ID, it isn't really a=
> good user ID.

I thought that the photo IDs helped to verify the authencity of the person=
(assuming that you have another means of knowing what they look like).  Or=
perhaps you could post something else about you, like a JPEG of your=20
(real, not digital) fingerprints.

Then again, I guess that what ever you put on the JPEG becomes public=20
data and anyone can copy those and put them on a fake signature.  So, on a=
second thought, the photo ID doesn't seem to have much security use.

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