User attributes and audio IDs (was: Trouble signing)

Manuel Samper
Sat May 17 15:37:02 2003

On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 01:17 CEST, David Shaw wrote:
> On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 12:05:42AM +0200, Manuel Samper wrote:
> > David Shaw, on Fri, May 16 2003 at 20:24, wrote:
> > > I'd be interested to hear comments about whether people would make
> > > good use of something like an audio ID or not.  It certainly has the
> > > potential to make keys very very large, though perhaps that is the
> > > problem and choice of the key holder.
> > 
> > If no aditional security is apported, then I prefer other enhancements
> > in gpg rather than some funny capabilities. But who knowns how useful
> > may become...
> Yes.  It doesn't lower security (it's just a different sort of ID),
> but I can't think of any really good uses for it except the coolness
> factor.  Then again, it could be argued that photo ID is just a cool
> trick also.  Since you can't actually select a key via a photo ID, it
> isn't really a good user ID.

What I think would we really useful, is to allow this sort of
"attribute" (image,audio,..) in normal user id, so you can create a
normal uid with their real name, comment and email address _and_ attach
some data to it (like a photo), mainly if you create a user id without
email address, so you can collect other's people signatures here
(obviously, no email challenge is possible) and don't worry about
lossing it when you revoke a uid due to lossing the email address.

But AFAIK this isn't possible whitout breaking compliance with the
standard, right?

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