Encouraging email security.

Graham graham.todd@ntlworld.com
Sun May 18 06:27:06 2003

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On Sunday 18 May 2003 12:42 am, Daniel Carrera wrote:

> There could be a mail client with the following properties:
> 1) Automatically creates a pre-defined key setup (e.g. 4096 RSA,
>    1024 DSA, 2048 ElGamal).
> 2) Automatically signs, and encrypts emails (when the pub key is
>    available).
> 3) Here is the big one:
>    It stores the user's password in the hard disk, in the style of
>    Mozilla, so that the user doesn't have to type it.  It all happens
>    automatically.

There is such a client, in the form of Mozilla Mail with Enigmail, which=20
has been set up to make it easy for those unused to GPG to use it, but=20
you can alter the defaults to make email handling more powerful. =20
However, it does require GPG to be installed on your system and it is=20
NOT a GUI front end for key management.

You do have to type in your passphrase, but then you can set it to be=20
cached for any length of idle time. Personally, this is the minimum I=20
would accept and if you want anything else, use S/MIME.

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