Encouraging email security.

Peter Prohaska pitrp@wg78.de
Mon May 19 02:22:02 2003

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On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 11:13:54PM +0100, Graham wrote:
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> On Sunday 18 May 2003 8:00 pm, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> >   - It could come with GPG, like Malte Gell suggested.
> It won't. Period.  Its not in the design roadmap.  Enigmail is simply a=
> tool to enable you to use GPG to encrypt and sign mozilla Mail=20
> messages.

I belive it is the right way to keep the tools seperated.

But the problem is to know which tools you need and where to find them.
A friend just asked me what he has to do to get mail encryption and auto
signig to work on windows. Since i'm not using windows, and don't know
the tools, i can't help him.

What could solve that problem is if mozilla would load a webpage that
tells me where to find the tools after installation.
"If you want to use gnupg to encrypt you mail, please install the
following tools... [list of liks]"
Or if i could tell him to point his browser to "about:pgp" or to click
at the "About encryption/pgp" entry in the help menu.

thanks for naming enigmail, peter.

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