Encouraging email security.

tk tony.kwok@3web.net
Mon May 19 04:05:02 2003

Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Sunday 18 May 2003 22:21, tk wrote:
>>If anybody asked me what to do to be more secure,
>>I would seriously propose to run this same program on an
>>air-gapped laptop that is never left unattended..
> Using an air-gapped laptop sounds like a weird suggestion 
 > now that wireless LAN gets popular...

Misundersyanding. To me "air gap" means a computer with no network
connection whatsoever (let alone wireless!), and the transfer
of data files only via read/write media; floppy, zip-drive, USB flash
"disk" etc. Laptop was only mentioned since it is portable, and
thus easier to keep from being left unattended (for an attacker
to gain surepetitious access to and install a hardware key-logger
on, for instance). An old MSDOS laptop with floppies that are
destoyed after each use makes a near-perfect "geheimeschreiber".