storing keyrings into SQL database?

Ryan Malayter
Wed May 21 14:06:34 2003

From: Branko F. Gracnar []=20
>Any ideas how to implement such thing?

You could certainly store keyring files in a SQL database, then extract
them from to a unique temporary filename when need. Use random hex
characters of something to preface the temporary file name. Then you can
call GPG like this:
    gpg --keyring 0431265474Fpubring.gpg --secret-kering
0431265474Fsecring.gpg <other GPG commands>

Then set up a background thread that cleans up old keyring files /
directories based on date.

You should have a sufficient number of random characters in your prefix
to prevent any possible collisions for security's sake. I would suggest
at least 32 random hex digits, or 22 characters if you use base64


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