Encouraging email security.

René Clerc rene@clerc.nl
Wed May 21 16:35:02 2003

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* Mark H. Wood <mwood@IUPUI.Edu> [21-05-2003 16:23]:

> On Mon, 19 May 2003, darren chamberlain wrote:
> [snip good point about embracing the diversity of email clients]
> > <sarcasm>Anyway, who needs KMail/Mozilla mail/etc when mutt works
> > just as well (better, I'd argue ;), and is smaller, faster, and more
> > portable, too?</sarcasm>
> And who needs mutt when we have pine? :-)  (See, I agree with you.)

Well, we need mutt for...  (read on)

> BTW pine works just fine with gpg, thanks to pgpenvelope (or pgp4pine,
> but I've switched).  Now if I could find a way to make pine handle S/MIME
> as well, without giving up OpenPGP, I'd be all set.

S/MIME support ;-)

> (A brief look at the gaggle of RFCs required to describe S/MIME
> suggests that it won't be quite so easy.)

IIRC, the addition of S/MIME support to mutt wasn't too much a hassle;
mutt already used OpenSSL anyway...

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