Consider a feature request?

Dick Gevers
Thu May 22 09:17:34 2003

Hi all,

The separate discussion on keystorage in an SQL database made me think
of the possibility to add a bit of room for internal notes on every key in
the local public keyring (internal meaning not exportable) which
should be searchable via the existing gpg routines.

For example I might have a lot of people called John, Johnny, Johnson,
Johnsson  etc. on my pubring and typing =B4gpg --list-key john=B4 could turn
into an uncomfortably long list. But if I could add a note of =B4cousin=B4
in the notespace, it would, ideally, give only one entry for=20
=B4gpg --list-key cousin=B4. (Unless I had more noted cousins than *john* in
my pubring.

Another example: allow a note like =A8gnupg-users tennis previous-job=A8.

So it could, IMHO, be a nice tool to search keys much more
efficiently if a little maintenance is done by the interested user.

Thanks for your consideration.

Best regards,
=3DDick Gevers=3D

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