Encouraging email security.

Ryan Malayter rmalayter@bai.org
Thu May 22 17:08:03 2003

From: Werner Koch [mailto:wk@gnupg.org]=20
>People know that they can not trust whats on an envelope;=20
>maybe except for the timestamp of the postal service.

Ah, but people actually *don't* know this about email. An executive here
was recently shocked when I sent him a message from Bill Gates. My
mother would be shocked by the same thing. Average people don't think
about forged mail headers, because their mail client was set up for them
by someone else. This is why viruses that are supposed coming from
"suppport@microsoft.com" spread so rapidly.

Educating users about these things never seems to work. Well, maybe
average people will think about SMTP headers in 20 years, when the
non-internet generation is out of the workforce. I hope we're still not
using SMTP by then, but we probably will be.