GPGme supported platforms

Werner Koch
Fri May 23 09:21:02 2003

On Thu, 22 May 2003 15:53:49 -0700, Tony Mione said:

> Is there any definitive list of platforms for which GPGme is supported?
> Looking at the 'configure' file, the host_os case statements list about
> everything
> except Apple DOS 3.3 and OS390 (Gaaccck!)

I guess you mean config.sub: That is a generic file, used with all GNU
program.  The file gets updated from time to time.

> In general, does the process spawning and IPC support work well on most
> of the unix and windows platforms?

It should work on all POISX systems and most other Unix systems.
Windows is a bit different and we have an extra internal gpgme
interface for that (w32-io.c).  It used to work, but the current
version might not yet work.

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