Mime Type for Encrypted Attachments

Werner Koch wk@gnupg.org
Fri May 23 09:26:02 2003

On Fri, 23 May 2003 00:56:38 +0200, Ingo Klöcker said:

> Are you not confusing something? The encrypted and armored message is 
> not in the application/pgp-encrypted but in the 
> application/octet-stream message part. Typical message (the same as in 

Oops.  You are of course right.

> And using pgp-keys is IMO also wrong because this will confuse MUAs 
> which provide an Import Key functionality for pgp-keys attachments and 

Of course only for message containing a key.

> The correct content-type is application/octet-stream with 
> Content-Description: encrypted data. But that's what I already wrote in 

If you use MIME, use it correctly: rfc3156 ;-) If you don't want that,
don't indicate that it is a MIME message.  If attachments are to be
encrypted separately, use text/plain and let the user check whether he
can figure out what to do when noticing the BEGIN PGP line.

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