MDC confusion

René Clerc
Mon May 26 13:03:03 2003

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* Stewart V. Wright <> [26-05-2003 12:26]:

> Hi,
> I am having some confusion with modification detection code (MDC).
> I'm using the 1.2.3-cvs version (from the 7th of May) of GnuPG.
> I just changed my gpg.conf file and changed from
>   no-force-v3-sigs
> to=20
>   openpgp
> Which should make my signatures/encryptions entirely OpenPGP
> compatible.
> Unfortunately when I decrypt anything I get the following warning:
>   gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
> I don't get the warning when I go back to no-force-v3-sigs.

Does adding "force-mdc" to your gpg.conf help?

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