Jason Harris
Mon May 26 22:18:03 2003

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On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 11:38:06AM -0500, John B wrote:

> Are you using kgpg? Do you have a photo in your public key? I was having =
> same trouble. I had a picture of me in my key, and exporting it to keyser=
> wasn't working, it would be fine if I sent the public key as an attachmen=
t to=20
> whomever requested it, but the servers would not accept it, so I took the=
> photo out, then resent the key to some servers, and they finally took it.

[BCC'd to the keyserver list in case Yaron has any corrections]

Send it to the SKS keyservers, , with the photo.
One of them should send it to which strips the
photo and sends it to most of the rest of the keyservers.  Or send it
to directly and let it propagate without the photo.

Also, you can have GPG upload keys to keyservers without uploading the
photos by using "--export-options no-include-attributes."

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