Question to german users/ Frage an deutsche Benutzer

Stephan Stapel
Wed May 28 11:51:07 2003

>> this question only concerns german users, so I'm writing in german, I
>> hope that's ok.
>No, it's not okay. This question concerns at least all members of the

No need to be rude, though the law is german not european afaik.

>> Die zweite Frage bezieht sich auf die Rechtsgueltigkeit von
>> GnuPG-Schluesseln. Fuer das Finanzamt muss gewisser Datenverkehr
>> signiert werden, um den Ursprung und die Gueltigkeit der empfangenen
>> Daten zu gewaehrleisten.
>AFAIK signing the stuff you sent them isn't necessary.

That's not the point and that's not what I was asking for. I don't send
_them_ any signed messages but I need to send messages between business
partners which have to sign the respective contents with a key that suites
afaik paragraph 15, part 1 of SignaturG.

But anyway, I don't want to start no flame here. I just wanted to know --
and I think that could be interesting for a lot of (maybe not only the
german...) people on the list -- how to establish this defined-by-law
"valid" data exchange. Thanks for the bsi info, there's indeed a list on
their site :-))=

But what I still don't understand is what Werner wrote, what applications
are licensed by the german RegTP? Does this issue apply for GnuPG?

Kind regards,