[Q] "sign" vs "sign-locally"

Daniel Carrera dcarrera@math.umd.edu
Thu May 29 01:00:02 2003

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Hi all,

I just realized that there are two ways of signing a key.  You can "sign"=
it, or sign it it "locally".  What's the difference?

If I understand correctly, your signing a key means that you are=20
confident that the key belongs to the person you think it does.  So, for=20
instance, I could meet the person face-to-face and get his or her key ID=20
for verification.

I've looked at the man page.  I think that "sign" is what I just described=
in the above paragraph.  But I'm not sure I understand how "sign-locally"=
is different.

Also, why would I ever want to sign a key "non-revocably"?

Thanks for the help.
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