gpg usage w/ pine

Bob Holtzman
Sat May 31 08:07:02 2003


I'm running gnupg-1.0.7-7 and pine-4.44-7.73.0 under RH7.3 and after

 [X]  compose-send-offers-first-filter

in pine and noting that the gpg install seems to have created:

display-filters    = "_LEADING(-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----)_" 
                     "_LEADING(-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----)_" 
sending-filters     = /usr/bin/gpg-sign
                      /usr/bin/gpg-encrypt _RECIPIENTS_
                      /usr/bin/gpg-sign+encrypt _RECIPIENTS_

no filters are offered when I try to send. No opportunity to encrypt, 
sign, nothing.

The only way I could get it to work was to install pgp4pine. This is an 
solution but I can't see why it's neccessary. Is there any way to get away 
from pgp4pine?
I should mention that gpg works well as a stand alone. I can engrypt, 
decrypt and sign indidual files.

Any ideas or pointers appreciated. Thanks.

Bob Holtzman
"If you think you're getting free lunch,
 ......check the price of the beer!"