gnupg for a multiuser system

Neil Williams linux at
Thu Nov 6 18:34:37 CET 2003

On Wednesday 05 Nov 2003 7:10 pm, Markus Duck wrote:
> Dear Webmaster,
> I read a lot of manuals how to install GNU on a windows 2000 computer,
> because I wanted to know, if it's possible to install GnuPG on a single
> computer with multible users.

One installation, each user with their own keyrings, options and secret keys - 
that would be a default install. Each user then runs gpg to create their own 
data. Haven't tried it on Win2k though.

In essence, it becomes just another application that any user can load, they 
create their own data, save it to their own filespace and each user operates 
the software independently of other users. 

Or are you looking for some kind of shared keyring? That can be done but it 
would depend on exactly why this would be necessary - each user can easily 
import certain 'essential' public keys because the key data is so small in 
comparison to other document types. Sharing secret keys is not exactly 
recommended so if users are expecting to encrypt or sign then each will 
require their own secret data anyway. If you have a lot of 'essential' keys, 
you could simply host the ASCII armoured export file on an intranet site and 
update the file regularly.

> Unfortunatelly I found no information for this topic. Now, I thought, maybe
> you can help me with my little problem. Or maybe you know someone, who had
> a problem like this before.

That probably reflects the Linux perspective - all programs are multi-user 
unless specified otherwise!

> Thanks in advance,
> Markus Franke


Neil Williams
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