v3 key generation from gnupg

vedaal at hush.com vedaal at hush.com
Mon Nov 10 15:03:09 CET 2003

while generating a v3 key from gnupg (nullify 1.2.3,
cam across the following error message after completion of the key generation:

gpg --expert --pgp2 --gen-key


public and secret key created and signed.
key marked as ultimately trusted.

pub  1024R/3461A0E7 2003-11-10 gpgv3k (des ripemd) <gpgv3k at key.test>
     Key fingerprint = F6 A1 7E AB 4C 14 61 25  41 AD 34 F0 82 C4 23
sig 3       3461A0E7 2003-11-10   [User id not found]

Note that this key cannot be used for encryption.  You may want to use
the command "--edit-key" to generate a secondary key for this purpose.

in practice there is no problem encrypting to this key from gnupg , or
signing with it

(btw, with the following options in gnupg.conf:

s2k-cipher-algo 3des
s2k-digest-algo RIPEMD160

the v3 key is protected with 3des 
(idea and md 5 are possible, but not necessary, for use of the key,

maybe a consideration for those who use Disastry's versions, but do not
care about using idea except for encryption to a classic 2.x user)


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