Mutt's GNUpg signing.

Thorsten Haude linux at
Tue Nov 11 23:31:14 CET 2003


* Theo v. Werkhoven <twe-gpg at> [2003-11-11 23:13]:
>On one of the mailinglist I visit some users raised doubth about the
>validity of the way Mutt here signs my mails with gpg.

Point them here:

>People that can't read signed mail from me, complain that the only thing
>they see is a file named 'msg'pgp'. MUA's they used were Evolution, Pine
>and Squirelmail (webmail).

Details about MUAs supporting PGP/MIME: (German)

Hobbes: Shouldn't we read the instructions?
Calvin: Do I look like a sissy?
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