How to extract a public key for pgp 2?

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>Subject: How to extract a public key for pgp 2?
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>I've imported a public key from the keyservers, and I also want
>to use
>that key with pgp 2.6.3ia. It's a v3 RSA key, so that should be
>problem. However, the key is polluted with many v4 DSA signatures.
>The key works with pgp 2.6.3ia, but I get a lot of warnings. Is
>a way to export a public key and deleting all DSA and v4 signatures
>in one step, or do I have to delete them all by hand?

there may be a not-too-elegant ;-(  workaround :

first make all the non-v3 sigs 'local' trust only/ non-exportable,
then export the key

you still have to do the first part manually,
but you can save the useful v4 sigs for the gnupg keyring


you can import the key into command line pgp (6.5.8 or filecrypt)
and then try a script that will identify and delete v4 sigs, and use
it together with the command:

pgp -krs <userid> keyring

(btw, filecrypt in free demo mode, allows the keyring editing functions)

probably much quicker and easier to just do it by hand ,  ;-)


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