Non-Zero return code on successful decryption?

carl w spitzer cwsiv_home1 at
Wed Nov 12 18:18:41 CET 2003

usually a zero return code means successful completion and nonzero a
I was not sure if solaris used positive or negative logic relating to
return codes.
If negative then a nonzero return indicates success.
if positive then a nonzero rethrn indicates failure.

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On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 17:39:43 -0600 seidls at writes:
>I'm not quite sure what you are looking for with your question.
>What I can tell you is that in the shell script I am running, I check 
>return code produced from gpg.  If this code is not zero, the script 
>die and cause the team to get paged.
>In the case originally describe, we were page and had to look into why 
>particular file did not decrypt.  Running the same gpg command from 
>command prompt appeared to run without issue (ie the file was 
>What I was trying to determine by posting here is why the return code 
>of 2
>was issued, even though I could manually decrypt the file.
>Can you please explain in more detail what would cause the gpg:
>block_filter: 1st length byte missing message?   Did something not 
>fine on the sender side?  Was there an issue during the transmission 
>of the
>file?  What else can be done to determine the cause?
>Thanks Everyone.
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