Matching a key with other emails

Thomas Spuhler ThomasSpuhler at
Mon Nov 17 11:01:54 CET 2003

Just interested. 
Why is your key showing up as plain text at the end of your message
instead as a key icon in my evolution? A few of the posters messages
come that way.


On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 15:59, Parabola wrote:
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> Hi,
> Some people in my keyring send and receive emails using multiple
> addresses (say, name at and name at but each one of them
> just keep one keep key which only maps to one of the addresses (say,
> name at Now every time I'm sending / replying mails to their
> secondary addresses (name at, my mail client (Mozilla +
> Enigmail) will complain that it doesn't know name at and I have
> to manually select the key that maps to name at
> Assume that I can't get them to add them secondary address to their
> keys, is it possible for me to tell my GPG that "hey! mails sending to
> name at should be using key that name at key!)?
> Regards,
> Parabola
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> VS/bYZDsrhemqCNsKBPKHYs=
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