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Neil Williams linux at
Mon Nov 17 20:16:23 CET 2003

On Monday 17 Nov 2003 12:31 pm, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
> > Does Mozilla/Enigmail do this if the public key is not found? (Assuming
> > you use auto-retrieve in GnuPG). Certainly, key 0xCFAFB3DC comes up as
> > unknown in KMail as it doesn't seem to be available to keyservers.
> Gpa (Gnu privacy assistant) had no problem to find the key CFAFB3DC on the
> public key server!

Your reply prompted me to investigate and this is why I can't validate the 

gpg: Signature made Mon 17 Nov 2003 15:59:12 GMT using DSA key ID CFAFB3DC
gpg: key CFAFB3DC: no valid user IDs
gpg: this may be caused by a missing self-signature
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:           w/o user IDs: 1
gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found

No valid UID's on the key -> invalid key -> although the key has been 
imported, it might as well not have been as GnuPG tells KMail that the 
signature cannot be checked.

> Evolution still shows the icon, if the key is not available but when
> clicking on the icon, but shows the message:
> gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found


The keyserver shows the key as:
Type bits/keyID    Date       User ID
pub  1024/CFAFB3DC 1999/02/03 Thawte Freemail Member 
          Key fingerprint =  C3 90 71 E2 87 05 FB F4  81 2D 74 C1 7B 32 5C 58  
sig       DE46F54F             Personal Freemail RSA 1999.9.16

No UID. (email address removed from quote).


Neil Williams
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