Matching a key with other emails

Parabola parabola at
Wed Nov 19 00:02:49 CET 2003

David Shaw wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 02:59:13AM +1100, Parabola wrote:
>>Assume that I can't get them to add them secondary address to their
>>keys, is it possible for me to tell my GPG that "hey! mails sending
>>to name at should be using key that name at key!)?
> Put in gpg.conf:
>   group name at = name at
> That works for regular GnuPG.  I don't know if it works inside
> Mozilla.


With a little tweak, I got it working in Mozilla + Enigmail! The problem 
of saying:

	group name at = name at

is that name at will be the group name but not the email 
address. So when Enigmail tries to search this as an email address, 
it'll do a -r <name at>, which doens't work. So the obvious 
solution would be putting this in gpg.conf:

	group <name at> = name at

Thanks David!


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