Help adding the idea extension...

Chris Johnson
Wed Oct 1 00:09:02 2003

Hi group,
    We recently got gnupg to compile on a SCO 5.0.5 box (No flames 
please. I wouldn't work with SCO if it were my choice). But I'm having a 
problem getting the idea extension to work.
I've downloaded the idea.c.gz file and compiled it. I added the line to 
the ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf file that reads "load-extension idea". I had the 
compiled module in /usr/local/lib/ and in the ~/.gnupg/ directory and 
have put full paths ect....
I've tried to use the --load-extension option at the command line.

I have some clients have been using idea to encrypt files they send us 
and would like to get this working.
can anyone help with something I've missed?
I've been through the FAQ and guides looking for my mistake but can't 
find it yet....
please help...