decrypt failed - secret key unavailable

Frank Calfo frank.calfo at
Wed Oct 8 10:48:25 CEST 2003

Sounds to me like they did not encrypt their messages to you using your 
public key; they may have mistakenly encrypted it using their own public 
key - usually this message is accompanied with the id of the key that the 
message was encrypted with, if you see this you could make sure that the 
key identified is your public key

Otherwise, it may be that the technique you are using to decrypt the 
message is not supplying the correct passphrase for your keystore (assuming 
your keystore is passphrase protected)  - so you could also check to make 
sure that you are supplying the correct keystore passphrase when you're 
decrypting the message

At 09:22 AM 10/8/2003 +0000, davidemelan at wrote:
>Sorry, this probably a FAQ but I didn't find an answer and I need help.
>I rightly imported two public keys, both ELG-E 2048 bits, one from PGP 7
>and one from PGP 8.
>I'm able to crypt messages to those recipients and they can decode and read
>my mails, but when they answer me, trying to decrypt messages I get the
>error message as in the subject.
>Could someone help me?
>Thanx in advance.
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