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Thu Oct 9 15:57:36 CEST 2003

G'day Vyacheslav,

* Vyacheslav Iutin <iutin at> [031009 10:44]:
> Hello!
> Does anybody know how I can make the clearsign of HTML-page, so that
> browser can display it, but people do not see the gpg-singature.
> In other words: How to place gpg-signature in the HTML-comments?
> Is it possible?
> Thanks for advance!

I agree with most of what Ben said (in a different reply), but there
are two scripts that I've used to varying degrees of success...

Have a look at

To be honest the SANFACE one is the easiest to use and the most
difficult to get to work if you have any desire to do anything other
than 'gpg --clearsign -a'.  For example I have my keys on removable
media (so I need to use --homedir and -u also) and this seems to cause
all sorts of difficulties.  :-/



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