GnuPG & TheBat! v.2

Rob rob at
Thu Oct 23 17:56:12 CEST 2003

Hello all,

hope someone here can help me ...

despite the announcement that TB2 offers better support for GnuPG here :

[+] GnuPG passphrase caching. The user now can select from various signing keys available.

i am having nothing but problems with GnuPG in v.2 ...  :-(

I have several accounts, each with their own e-mail address and servers.
For 2 of those addresses i created signing-keys ...

When writing a message and signing it, i get a popup for the passphrase for
the key corresponding to the e-mail address for the account i'm working in,
no choice/selection, just a passphrase prompt.

When signing a message in an account with an e-mail address for which i did
not create a signing-key, i even get prompted for the passphrase for a
signing-key (ie. e-mail address) that does not even exist ?!?

Also, passphrase caching does not work ...

Where did i go wrong ?? I found a post in the TBBETA archive about a 'GnuPG
plugin', is that what i'm missing ?

using The Bat! 2.01.3
on Windows 2000 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 4

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