Can you print GPG Emails?

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at
Fri Oct 31 09:12:04 CET 2003

After you decrypt the message, you must choose "file-save" from the
message window to save an unencrypted version. Outlook versions prints
the saved version, which is still be encrypted if you don't hit save.

Another workaround, of course, is to copy the decrytped text into
notepad or something similar and print from there.

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> Hi All - a newbie question, so be gentle.
> Probably a simple answer I'm sure but I can't seem to find a solution.
> How on Earth do you print an email that has been encrypted using gpg?
> I'm encrypting orders from an online store which are emailed 
> to Outlook.
> I decrypt using the Outlook plugin - and I can read it just fine.
> Trouble is - when I try to print the order for my records - 
> it prints the
> encrypted version.
> Thanks in advance if anyone can suggest a solution.

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