help needed desperately: gpg --decrypt hanging

Steve Butler sbutler at
Fri Oct 31 09:47:12 CET 2003


I don't use Perl but I do have a Korn shell script that works for me on a
SuSE SLES Linux box.  You will need to replace the 'default gpg_pass$1'
routine with something that gets the passphrase for your secret key.  Also
replace 'default gpg_homd' with something that gets the GnuPG home directory
for your box (or set the environment before running the script).

# COPYRIGHT (c) 1995-2002 Stephen M. Butler dba XRG
# This information may be copied, distributed and/or modified under
# certain conditions, but it comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
# See the Design Science License for more details
# =================================================================
#  gpg_decrypt pass_id   input_file  output_file
#     Interface for edi and default routines to decrypt pgp files vi GnuPG.
#     pass_id      1 or 2 to indicate which pass phrase needs to be picked
#     input_file   name of file to decrypt.  Includes any path
#     output_file  name where to place output plain text file (with path)
#     Note:  See 'default' script for default usage.


homedir=$($xrgbin/default gpg_home)

  rm -f "$3" 2>&1 1> /dev/null
  $xrgbin/default gpg_pass$1 \
  | gpg --homedir $homedir --passphrase-fd 0 --no-tty --skip-verify \
        --output "$3" --decrypt "$2"

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