Generating keys for several email addresses.

John Clizbe
Mon Sep 1 11:08:01 2003

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Ben Finney wrote:

> PGP doesn't do subkeys or multiple UIDs, AFAIK; you won't be able to
> take your GPG key and use it in PGP without some loss of information.
> However, the public-key, signature and encryption blocks generated are
> still compatible with the PGP protocol, and readable by PGP clients.
Subkey, no. Multiple UIDs and photo UID, Yes. From within PGPKeys, navigate
Keys --> Add --> Name to add an additional UID. It will then ask you for
name and email address. Fill it in and click OK. Wouldn't hurt to self-sign
the new UID either. All UIDs on my key were created with PGP 7.03 & 8.02.
Then I copy & paste into GPGshell.

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