Encryption takes 20 seconds !!

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Tue Sep 2 03:57:02 2003

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On 01-Sep-2003, Humberto Rueda wrote:
> [encryption of a single line] takes 18-20 seconds to finish.  GPG was
> installed on a Sun machine with Solaris environment on it.
> What could be the reason?

What is the CPU, and what speed is it running at?  Perhaps it is slow at
doing anything CPU-intensive.

What is the keysize?  Larger keysizes take (exponentially?) longer to
work with.

What is the version of Solaris?  Does the version of Solaris have
non-blocking entropy generation?  Perhaps GPG is waiting for more
entropy from the OS and is blocking.  (I don't know what entropy
services are available in Solaris.)

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