Changing the Hash algo in gpg1.2.3

Admin @
Wed Sep 3 17:16:02 2003

>> I have heard that sha1 has been broken and I wanted to begin using md5
>Where did you hear that?

I heard if from a friend I made on another mailing list that has nothing to do with encryption.
He brought it up because my clear armored signature indicated that I was using sha1
but he was sincere enough that I figured I would go to 'source' and as this list. 

I can't find any evidence of Sha1 being compromised on the net and I appreciate the reassurance 
that Sha1 is the better hashing method.  As I understand it, even with the birthday attack roughly equalizing the brute force needed the sha1 hash is still more secure. 

again, thank you for the clarification.