Outlook express messes up when it receives gpg-signed mail?

Eugene Smiley eugene@esmiley.net
Thu Sep 4 14:34:02 2003

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Chris Niekel wrote:
> I sent my mother an email-message the other day, and signed it, as
> I do most of my mail. Today, my mother complained that I sent an
> empty message.
> When I sent an unsigned message, the text gets displayed, but when
> I send a signed message, see sees an empty body, with two
> attachments.
> Is there some configuration-option so that I can sign my mail and
> she can read it without clicking too much. She doesn't need to
> verify my signature, just read the text-attachment of it.

Richardo already responded with a solution for mutt. I am going to
give you the "why does it do that".

You signed your message using PGP/MIME which neither Outlook nor
Outlook Express can handle. Sometimes the message shows up as several
attachments instead.

You will find that the number of people who use an email program that
doesn't support PGP/MIME is quite high. Until more mainstream software
supports it, it's better to use PGP-Inline signing unless you are part
of a group where everyone is known to be able to handle PGP/MIME.

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