gpg-agent and memory locking

Werner Koch
Wed Sep 10 10:23:01 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003 20:28:15 +0200, Ingo Klöcker said:

> <rant>
> pinentry-q	t is highly unstable because of the "secure memory hack". Did 
> you ever have a look at the code? It constantly runs out of memory for 

Yes.  There is also a point in the BTS to use the framework we use for
gtk and curses so that we dont need to fix general bugs at 2 places.

> Sorry, for the rant. But I'm not at all satisfied with some of the 
> things that came out of project Aegypten, e.g. pinentry-qt, the 
> certificate manager, the S/MIME certificate selection dialog in KMail. 

Well, the pinentry was not g10 Code's job and Marcus and me did the
gtk thing for our own pleasure ;-)



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