Different uids with different trusts?

Ronald Friedrichs gibbelwurst@yahoo.de
Thu Sep 11 18:39:02 2003


I'm using GnuPG 1.2.3 (from Debian unstable) and have
the following problem:

Person A has two uids (let's say foo@a and bar@a) in
his key, from which person B signed one (e.g. before
person A added the second uid, let's say person B's
signature is on uid foo@a). If person B now wants to
encrypt to foo@a using

gpg -e -r foo@a

everything wents smooth, but as soon as person B tries
to encrypt to bar@a using

gpg -e -r bar@a

he gets "There is no indication that this key really
belongs to the owner". 

Why is this so? Person A has self-signatures on his
uids and the key of A is signed by B, so why is the
second uid not trusted? 

The situation doesn't change, if person B sets the
owner-trust level of A's key to "full".



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