Can't verify Thawte S/MIME message (was: decrypt PGP 8 msg)

Jason Harris
Thu Sep 11 20:25:05 2003

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On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 06:52:41PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:

> Similar. Eugene is the only person I have come across who uses Thawte and=
> OpenPGP - other users of Thawte tend to show up as 'unknown key - key not=
> available'. I might get around to it one day . . . . .

Is that because their certificates aren't encoded in their signatures,
or because you lack all the Thawte root certificates?  If the former, is
there a way to search for the certificates of others at Thawte?
(Yes, I know you can retrieve your own by logging in.)  If the latter,
I have a new page on CAs that links to their root certificates:

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