Can't decrypt PGP 8 msg

David Shaw
Mon Sep 15 15:39:02 2003

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 04:43:47PM +0200, Christian Kanja wrote:
> hi david,
> "particularly well"... ;-). well, you're somehow right, we made a minor
> mistake which was a major problem for gnupg - we did not label the
> hash-algorithm and we used IDEA a little bit often.
> both is fixed in the new version of cryptoex. we do label the correct
> hash and we do not use IDEA if not especialy preferred. and its worth a
> look - i think with the new Outlook integration we made a major step
> forward in usability for crypto applications.
> hope that these changes will help us working together with the
> gnupg-community - we would really appreciate feedback if there are
> issues in compatibility and we will try to fix these issues fast.
> best regards,
> christian kanja
> ps: i am not sure if this mail will reach the mailing list because i am
> not a member of this list. if not, i would appreciate if you forward my
> answer. thanks!

That is excellent news, and I am truly glad to hear it.  Is there a
demo version I could download and check out?  I'd be happy to do a
quick "smoke test" of CryptoEx <==> GnuPG compatibility.