broken ascii armor (was Re: auto decrypt in unix)

Steve Butler
Wed Sep 17 16:27:02 2003

Thanks Todd.  That was the first message I'd signed in a long time here.
Since the company has standardized on the software from a local (Redmond,
WA) software company for the desktop, I'm somewhat at the mercy of MS
Outlook (not the express version).

And, I haven't checked that the PK on the Windows box is exactly the same as
the PK on the Unix boxes.  It's the Unix boxes that do all the work with the
encrypted files.

Bottom line, I'll refrain from signing emails.


PS.  Looks like something wrapped my prior message at a most in-opportune

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From: Todd []
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 1:00 AM
Subject: broken ascii armor (was Re: auto decrypt in unix)

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Steve Butler wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> for x in *
> do
>    cat ./passphrase | ./gpg --batch --passphrase-fd 0 --no-tty --out
> ${x#.*}.txt --decrypt $x
> done
> Isn't the Korn shell nice! 


Your message tripped up a small issue in mutt.  The first paragraph of your
message disappeared after the signature was checked (which still fails even
after I downloaded your key).  I tracked this down and found that the ascii
armoring on your message has had a few errant spaces added, one of which
causes mutt to think the first paragraph is part of the armor header.  In
your message, the line after Hash: SHA1 contains a single space.  According
to the OpenPGP RFC:

   7. Cleartext signature framework


      The cleartext signed message consists of:

        - The cleartext header '-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----' on a
          single line,

        - One or more "Hash" Armor Headers,

        - Exactly one empty line not included into the message digest,

        - The dash-escaped cleartext that is included into the message

        - The ASCII armored signature(s) including the '-----BEGIN PGP
          SIGNATURE-----' Armor Header and Armor Tail Lines.

I'm guessing that some MTA along the way added the space.  Since it took me
a while to figure out why mutt was losing the first paragraph of your
message (making the line about the korn shell seem out of place :), I
figured I'd post this here, in case any other mutt users found the same

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