gpg: keyblock resource issue

Todd Todd <>
Thu Sep 18 03:23:01 2003

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Nigel Dunn wrote:
> I've been thru the last few months worth of emails and haven't found a
> solution to my problem. I created a user called gpguser then did gpg
> -gen-key as gpguser. When I change user and try to do gpg -homedir
> /home/gpguser/.gnupg/ --list-keys these are the errors I got:
> gpg --homedir /home/gpguser/.gnupg/ --list-keys
> gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
> gpg: keyblock resource `/home/gpguser/.gnupg/': file open error
> gpg: keyblock resource `/home/gpguser/.gnupg/': file open error
> I've tried making the .gnupg chmod 777 and its files and that doesn't
> fix the problem either. Can someone enlighten me as I'm very confused.

Does the user you are trying to access /home/gpguser/.gnupg/ have permission
to that directory *and all of it's parent directories*?  Most times a user's
home dir has perms of 700, so you could either copy/move the gnupg files
somewhere that this second user has permission to or you could set the
permissions on /home/gpguser/.gnupg/ (and parents) to allow the second user

If you go the latter route, gpg will complain about the insecure permissions
(for good reason).  If you know you have a good reason to do this, you can
tell gpg to keep quiet with the no-permission-warning option.

You should at least be sure that you need to share the .gnupg dirs first.
Why do you think you need to do that instead of using separate dirs for each

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