gpg: keyblock resource issue

Todd Todd <>
Thu Sep 18 04:23:03 2003

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Nigel Dunn wrote:
> I'm trying to get GPG and PHP to play ball together.

Ahh, OK.  That's a common enough thing.

> I decided to back up a step and play with gpg by itself to make sure gpg
> was actually working and that was when I discovered my problem.

Methodical testing?  I didn't think anyone did that. :)

> I know that my problem is entirely a matter of permissions and users.
> Any advice on tackling this would be great.

There's always a few ways to do anything, but I would suggest copying the
.gnupg directory from your test user to someplace that the webserver can
access it.  Then chown it to the user that the web server will run your PHP
scripts as.  Since you likely won't need to use the secret key from PHP, you
also ought to delete the secring.gpg.  You don't want your secret key
getting out and defeating all your work to secure the CC numbers.

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