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John Clizbe
Thu Sep 25 23:40:01 CEST 2003

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Oliver Marshall wrote:

> Hi,
> We used to use PGP v8 and Outlook to send signed automated emails to a
> remote service. Outlook is having problems with line wrapping and is
> ballsing up the automated message, so I thought I would try gpg with
> Mozilla Thunderbird.
> I have installed the latest version of gpg for windows and Thunderbird
> 0.2. Im ready to get sending, but when i sign the message it tells me i
> need to setup some certicates (clearly).
> Now, in PGP v8 I have the certs that we use to sign the emails for this
> service. The process of recreating new certs is more painful that pullng
> teeth so I would like to keep the ones that I have in PGP but use them
> in GPG. I have exported from PGP and imported to GPG but that doesnt
> seem to have made any differemce.
> Can some possibly tell me how to import the PGP keys into GPG so that I
> can sign this email and get it sent ?
> Thanks
> Olly

1) Fire up PGPKeys. Select the key(s) you want to move. On the menubar:
Keys then Export (or ctrl-E). Click to Include Private Key(s) -- you'll
need them also. It's safe to leave the 6.0 extensions selected. Pick a
directory, filename, and Save.

2) Open a command window. CD to the directory you stored your keys in. And
enter the command:

	gpg --import <filename>.asc

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